Product Launch: Involution – Fletcher’s Squad

Cryptiquest, LLC is proud to present the short story Involution: Fletcher’s Squad written by Cryptiquest founder, Luke Reynolds.

A military patrol investigates a strange clearing in the woods coined the “disturbance”. Upon entry, the squad discovers a mysterious phenomenon. Before they can better understand their surroundings, they become targets of a great threat and retreat. Sergeant Fletcher is the only one who returns to the woods – her squad remains stuck in the disturbance. As she tries to find a way back to them, she soon realizes that more clearings have sprouted throughout the land – revealing greater mysteries and even greater threats.

Involution: Fletcher’s Squad follows the no-nonsense military sergeant, Irene Fletcher as she tries to cope with a bizarre phenomenon taking over the world. Having to rely on the help of strangers from strange worlds, she is forced to scrutinize her own deeply held philosophies to evolve into a better leader.

This story was written to serve multiple functions for the CQ StoryHammer game system:

  1. Involution is a multi-genre setting suitable for demonstrating CQ StoryHammer game system versatility.
  2. The characters and battles within Involution: Fletcher’s Squad can be used as references for examples and rule explanations in the CQ StoryHammer game system instruction manual.

You can download and read the full color of the story here or find the various downloads for the story  as well as learn more about the system and the CQ StoryHammer game system on the Involution page on the StoryHammer website.


Resolve actions using a regular deck of playing cards, control how your character performs using dynamic hit points, and utilize story crafting tools to build epic adventures.

The CQ StoryHammer game system is a core set of game mechanics and crafting tools for table-top role-playing games.

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