Cryptiquest, LLC Adopts Vision, Mission, and Value Statements

Cryptiquest, LLC is proud to announce it has adopted new management principles by defining a Vision Statement, Mission Statement, and Value Statements.

To date, Cryptiquest had been in production without explicitly defined principles. While the notion of goals and ideals have always been lingering in the background of the company’s various projects, it has become clear that formerly defining such elements would serve to improve production efficiency and quality while remaining laser-focused on the things most important to Cryptiquest.

Introducing Cryptiquest’s Vision

Cryptiquest’s vision is to responsibly unlock and inspire creators of any and every identity.

There are three parts to this vision:

  1. “To responsibly…”
  2. “…unlock and inspire creators…”
  3. “…of any and every identity.”

The first part (“To responsibly…”) means that Cryptiquest takes accountability for how its content unlocks and inspires creators. Cryptiquest will be a role model to the creative minds it seeks to embolden.

The second-part (“…unlock and inspire creators…”) means that Cryptiquest aims to not only stoke the imaginations of current creators (“inspire”) but to tap creativity from those who have yet to create (“unlock”). Cryptiquest will work toward infusing a net gain of creativity in the world.

The third-part (“…of any and every identity.”) means that Cryptiquest will be inclusive in its endeavors and mitigate the abandonment of all potential creators due to a mishandling of identities. Cryptiquest will strive for representation without tokenism, stereotypes, or cultural appropriation.

Introducing Cryptiquest’s Mission

Cryptiquest’s mission is to CREATE immersive MEDIA with inclusive fiction; to SHARE content creation TOOLS with the world; and, to MODEL corporate humanistic POLICIES for the industry.

There are three objectives to the mission statement:

  1. To CREATE immersive MEDIA with inclusive fiction
  2. To SHARE content creation TOOLS with the world
  3. To MODEL corporate humanistic POLICIES for the industry

The first objective (To CREATE immersive MEDIA with inclusive fiction) explains how Cryptiquest will generate fictional content that is engaging and inclusive, which directly supports the Vision Statement.

The second objective (To SHARE content creation TOOLS with the world) refers to the templates, worksheets, and project management tools that are used by Cryptiquest and how they will be made publicly available in order to help other creators achieve their goals, which indirectly supports the Vision Statement.

The third objective (To MODEL corporate humanistic POLICIES for the industry) refers to how Cryptiquest will handle business – focusing on being a diverse and human-centric role model.

Introducing Cryptiquest’s Values

Based on the Mission Statement, three aspects of products were identified: Media, Tools, and Policies. For each of these products, three values were established based on the Vision Statement:

  • A. MEDIA
    1. Inclusive: Content must strive for representation while avoiding tokenism, stereotyping, and cultural appropriation.
    2. Original: Content must be unique and consistent to the world it creates.
    3. Quality: Content must be entertaining, professional, and understandable.
  • B. TOOLS
    1. Obtainable: Tools must be freely available for any would-be creators.
    2. Refinable: Tools must be open to refinement based on feedback from users in order to increase tool effectiveness.
    3. Useful: Tools must be engineered for ease of use by the novice creator.
    1. Diverse-Seeking: Business must seek diversity in talent and in partnerships.
    2. Human-centric: Business must treat people as people first (regardless of relation to the business).
    3. Respectable: Business must serve as an industry role model regarding culture, conduct, and professionalism.

Moving Forward…

Cryptiquest will enthusiastically reference these values when creating media, tools, and policies moving forward.