Opportunities For You

  • Partnership: Public Relations Director (9/30/2017) - Your role as public relations director is three-fold: Write and distribute communications (including subscriber content, marketing materials, and social media posts); Research and discover the appropriate audiences to distribute communications; and, Determine (and adhere to) communication strategy – when to post what to whom and how.
  • Partnership: Content Creator (7/5/2017) - Your role as content creator is two-fold: mix and edit podcast episodes and create marketing materials, such as graphics and videos. You will take elements that others created (e.g. illustrations, voice overs, music, etc.) and put them together. Direction will stem from the project director but collaboration is encouraged.
  • Partnership: Administrative Manager (5/29/2017) - Your role as administrative manager is to ensure Cryptiquest can operate - both physically and legally: this includes tax management, finance management, and legal management. You would be responsible for identifying which administrative actions would be needed and then taking the necessary steps to ensure those actions are taken.