Voiceover Commission: Jenn Henry

Jenn has been in the audio and broadcast industry for nearly 20 years. She is extremely versatile as her voice has appeared in a variety of media, including television and radio commercials, educational software, audiobooks, video games, and more! In addition, for the last 4 years, Jenn has been successful entrepreneur – with a career as a freelance voiceover, copy writer, and audio editor.

Partnership: Administrative Manager

Your role as administrative manager is to ensure Cryptiquest can operate – both physically and legally: this includes tax management, finance management, and legal management. You would be responsible for identifying which administrative actions would be needed and then taking the necessary steps to ensure those actions are taken.

Edit Commission: Christy Mölzer

Cryptiquest is excited to announce the commission of writer, Christy Mölzer, to edit the pilot episode for Copperwealth! Christy has written and edited user manuals for revolutionary medical software over …