The journey toward our vision has just begun. The pathway is long and winding, but it has been mapped out into four distinct phases. It will take years to complete these phases, and only once completed can the real work toward reaching the vision truly begin. After the fourth phase is complete, the company objectives will all have become activated, triggering the “Vision Reaching” state of the company.

Each phase is listed below with a description, goals for the phase, and corresponding objectives that are activated during the phase.

Brand Building Phase (🔓 Objectives: 1 – 16)

The first leg of our journey is creating content. The results of this phase are the major brands and products which focus on responsibly unlocking and inspiring creators.

Audience Building Phase (🔓 Objectives: 17 – 22)

The second part of the journey is about building audience and establishing the means to create, share, and use content. This involves going to shops and conventions and creating a digital platform for the game engine and tools. The results of this phase are creating communities to help establish enough clout to reach creators of any and every identity.

Business Building Phase (🔓 Objectives: 23 – 28)

The third portion of the journey ramps up activity as Cryptiquest takes on staff, new media projects, and tool upgrades. The result of this phase is the accumulation of the resources necessary to fulfill the final phase of the journey.

Global Creativity Building Phase (🔓 Objectives: 29 – 32)

The fourth phase of the journey is where global outreach is tackled aggressively. The result of this phase isn’t just a matter of enabling a passive access to content but the active research and bridging to communities across the global who are inaccessible due to invisible (and perhaps visible) barriers.

Vision Reaching State

Once the fourth phase of the journey is complete, the final objectives will become activated and Cryptiquest can fully measure its progress toward achieving the vision. This involves further outreach, more content creation, and continual upgrades to tools.

To see what we are currently working on, visit our project log.