Illustration Commission: Katie Fernandez

Cryptiquest is excited to announce the commission of artist, Katie Fernandez, to illustrate an art piece for the CQ StoryHammer game system.

Katie has been drawing ever since she was a small child and through self-teaching she has developed her talent to produce high-quality digital illustrations. While she renders artwork in a wide range of styles, a common theme is her masterful exploration of the relationships between lighting and color; often forming beautifully layered and fantastical scenes.

Katie’s piece will be revealed this summer (2018) but in the meantime, you should check out her work:



Resolve actions using a regular deck of playing cards, control how your character performs using dynamic hit points, and utilize story crafting tools to build epic adventures.


The CQ StoryHammer game system is a core set of game mechanics and crafting tools for table-top role-playing games.


Learn more by visiting the StoryHammer website.