Functionality Launch: Copperwealth ScriptNotes

Cryptiquest launches “Copperwealth ScriptNotes”, new functionality for hosting immersive scripts so fans of the Copperwealth audio series can read and comment on various lines of the story. This new functionality positions Cryptiquest …


Project Launch: Copperwealth Vignettes

This series features short documentary-style interviews with characters from the show. Vignettes is intended to supplement the Copperwealth audio series and while the series is created exclusively for Patreon backers, the first episode has been made publicly available.


Project Launch: Copperwealth – Prologue Episode

Cryptiquest is proud to announce the launch of pilot episode of audio drama, Copperwealth: Prologue “Just Another Day.” The prologue episode opens amid a gruesome battle during a prison break. The chaos takes place in the small security outpost of the remote region of Latuno Kanjono. Multiple explosions have destroyed most of the compound, save for a handful of prisoners and even fewer guards.


Product Launch: Art of Imbue

Cryptiquest is excited to announce the launch of Art of Imbue. The book features illustrations, sketches, and behind-the-scenes commentary by Imbue producer/writer Luke Reynolds. The book has over 30 pages of …


Cryptiquest Gets A Logo

Cryptiquest, LLC has a new logo! Thanks to the folks at Fly Fox Creative, LLC, Cryptiquest has some new duds to sport. Fly Fox Creative was given the task to …