The ultimate vision for Cryptiquest includes: providing creative pathways for all creators; producing multiple popular brands of fictional media; and, serving as a role model for others in the industry. The following objectives paint the big picture for Cryptiquest, its vision fully realized, its “ideal state”:

Cryptiquest’s Tools

  1. Our suite of tools works seamlessly together to guide creators from concept-to-design-to-production-to-release and includes collaboration and sharing functionality.

  2. Our suite of tools includes a game engine and tools in multiple formats, including 3D and paper, which is used to create games and bring content to life.

  3. Our suite of tools is accessible to creators of any and every identity, regardless of language, ability, class, region, or societal barriers.

Cryptiquest’s Media

  1. Our media highlights how our tools work, showing the draft process using the tools (when applicable).

  2. Spread among three media types, we have more than four brands that are profitable.

  3. All media we have generated upholds our core values.

Cryptiquest’s Image

  1. Our reputation, which is supported through positive third party reviews and industry awards, is that of an honest company known for treating its employees well and having a meaningful relationship with its audience.

  2. We have prominent presence as our target audience can find us easily when looking for us, whether that be via online search tools or at major industry events.

  3. We have employed and partnered with industry experts and “thought leaders” and are seen as a trusted source of information.

This “ideal state” is what Cryptiquest aspires to be, prompting the question “Will this action bring us closer to the ideal state?” when making business decisions.