Voiceover Commission: Heidi Dove

Cryptiquest is excited to announce the commission of returning voiceover artist, Heidi Dove, to narrate an Copperwealth Volume I!

Not only did Heidi narrate the pilot episode of Copperwealth, but she has had tons of previous experience (on both sides of the sound booth glass). She started as a producer in television until she owned her own production company – doing all sorts of production types and directing voice over actors. Fifteen years later she switched careers and became a voice artist. She’s been doing this for 10 years, lending her voice talents to companies within the corporate worlds, hospitals, and various education institutions. She’s also a singer and songwriter and an avid photographer.

Heidi will narrate the upcoming episodes of Copperwealth Volume I (which should be released in 2018). You can learn more about Heidi’s work and listen to some of her samples here.



Follow the story of three criminal operations as they carry out large-scale, nefarious schemes. Their plans are fated to collide, leading to disastrous results for everyone.


Copperwealth is an serialized audio series. It is a graphic novel in audio form. It’s dark. It’s gritty. But it has heart.


Learn more by visiting the Copperwealth website.