Cryptiquest Announces Introduction to Imbue

Cryptiquest, LLC announced Introduction to Imbue Storycrafting System, the first major release in the Imbue product line. Imbue is a table-top roleplaying system where players explore new worlds; battle beasts and enemy explorers; and build, infiltrate, and destroy colonies. This book, which introduces concepts for the system, is slated for a December 2016 release.

The 50+ page, full color, softcover book offers a preview of the game by introducing the core mechanics, diving into the setting, and highlighting a few of the systems players use to craft content. (The release of the full game is currently estimated for release in 2019.)

This book contains illustrations from the talents of Nicole Hansche, Andrew Hyska, Christopher Moeller, Chris Smith, Jason Swope, and Hillary Wilson with editing by Courtney Kim. Additional artwork, writing, and layout by Luke Reynolds.

Additional information about Imbue can be gleaned at: