Call for Testers

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Cryptiquest is looking for 5 to 8 test groups to playtest a major component of the upcoming Imbue Storycrafting Game. The selected test groups will be given a digital kit of game materials to print and play. For a successful testing experience, tester groups must schedule time between April 11th and May 31st to playtest the game and complete a survey about the experience. Each test group that is part of a completed survey will have its members listed in the game as “Alpha Testers.”

Playtest Goal
This playtest is designed to study game flow with a specific focus on ease of action-resolution, overall timing, and roleplay/strategy balance. This test will be considered successful if test groups find and report any problems they experienced during game play.

What to Expect

Each test group is required to have one player designated as the “Narrator.” This player has a completely separate role than the other players. She is responsible for preparing and facilitating the game. (Note: It is suggested that the Narrator is the same person who submits their email on this form. However, it is not necessary as long the Narrator is able to obtain the playtest kit.) It is recommended that the Narrator prepares at least one week prior to the scheduled playtest. While the kit has almost everything ready to go, a Narrator will be most successful if she completely reads through the materials, understands the gameflow, and has a grasp of the rules, story, and tips for first-time Narrators.

The test group will playtest a one-act story in the world of Imbue. Play time will vary depending on the number of participants but an estimated 2 to 3 hours may be required. The Narrator sets up and navigates the story while the other participants are assigned a protagonist to guide through the various conflicts that arise.

Completing the Survey
The most important part of the playtest is your feedback. A list of questions will be provided along with the playtest kit in order to capture your group’s experience and advice.

The survey will consist of three separate sections, seeking the following types of information:

  1. Background information about your group.
  2. Objective results about the game.
  3. Subjective experience with the game.

For background information, questions will mainly revolve around gaming history and player ages. Objective results refer to measurable events (for example, how long it took you to finish the module) and subjective experience will delve into how your group felt about the mechanics (for example, if you thought the perk system was fun).

Your experiences will directly help Cryptiquest build a better game.

A Peek at the Game System

  • Player Roles (“Game Master” Approach) – One player is the Narrator, all others manage their own protagonist.
  • Task Choice (Negotiation between Player and Narrator) – Players decide character goal and method; Narrator determines difficulty and abilities.
  • Task Resolution (Deck of Standard Playing Cards) – One deck for every player, each deck is split up to form the “probability” deck and the “perk” deck.
  • Setting (Magic Fueled Future Tech)– Alternate universe where technology has been advanced by magic and the magic system is based on science.

[Registration for this call is now closed.]