The CQ StoryHammer role-playing game system is a core set of game mechanics and crafting tools for table-top role-playing games.

Target Audience

The system is on the “crunchy” side of the rule management spectrum and would be recommended for players who like to keep track of stats and maximize effectiveness during conflict. This style of play is very rewarding for those who like detailed play.

Core Mechanics

At the core of the system is the Probability Deck which is used to determine random outcomes. The Probability Deck is a regular deck of playing cards but with key cards removed to calibrate probable difficulty. In other words, the Narrator should be able to call out a number from one to ten (ten being extremely difficult) and the chances of drawing that number would correlate as expected.

Another core mechanic is that of Vim and Trauma used to track a character’s health and status.  A character’s Vim is the energy they store and utilize in order to maintain life functions and produce work. Trauma is any external effect on a character that would reduce the amount of Vim available because the Vim would be used to repair damage or fight disease; or, lost by way of expulsion (e.g. blood loss, etc.) or drained in some other fashion.

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