At Cryptiquest, our strategy for fulfilling our vision is ambitious because our vision is ambitious: to responsibly unlock and inspire creators of any and every identity. Four product brands have been established for putting the vision in motion, as outlined below. Once these four product lines are complete, Cryptiquest will have produced several tools to help creators implement projects and generate their own content and various media to provide diverse, engaging, and responsible examples of what could be produced using such tools.

The four product brands are as follows:

1. Project management guides

Project management guides (brand pending) are surveys, forms, and other documents used to facilitate the creation of projects. One of our core mission objectives is to share content creation tools with the world. While project management documentation might not seem to directly lead to content creation, they are incredibly helpful in guiding creators (of all experience levels) to advance from idea to product. In addition, formally creating and sharing these project management tools will hopefully foster dialogue with the creative community, leading to revisions and even stronger project management tools.

2. CQ StoryHammer game system, First Edition

The CQ StoryHammer game system is a setting-agnostic set of rules and tools for players to create and host their own table-top role-playing games. The CQ StoryHammer game system solves actions with standard poker cards (which are widely available in most U.S. corner stores). The game system also has tools for creators to generate characters, plots, encounters, settings, etc. Any content usable in the game system has a tool associated with it for customization and generation.

3. Imbue role-playing game, First Edition

The Imbue role-playing game uses the CQ StoryHammer game system to support a science-based, high-magic setting of planetary colonization. In Imbue, players are charting the Wilds for safe passage or actively spying on rival settlements or foiling the plans of sinister organizations within a new colony. Whatever adventure is afoot, characters use advanced technology and tools all based on science-based magic which is completely customizable and craftable using tools that come with the game. Imbue is designed for all audiences as an optimistic view of magic, industrialization, and the relationship between human and environment.

4. Copperwealth role-playing game, First Edition

The Copperwealth role-playing game uses the CQ StoryHammer game system as the foundation for a unique superpower based setting which utilizes customized skill trees. In Copperwealth, moral quandaries are abundant as players negotiate multiple villainous organizations who control everything and commission them for sinister quests. Copperwealth is purposefully designed to be gritty and dark with a goal to create material purely for mature audiences while upholding Cryptiquest’s vision to create content responsibly.

To see what we are currently working on, visit our project log.